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Self-Awareness is a critical key to making positive change in our lives. We CAN have better conversations, relationships and achieve our goals.

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Why does it seem easy for some people to grow their money while others struggle to stay out of debt?

What makes some people generous while others seem to be scrimping all the time?

Why do many couples fight over money matters and how can their relationship be changed for the better?

The subject of money has often been one shrouded with some mystery. While much effort has been invested in bringing about financial ‘literacy’ to the masses (and rightly so), it has often marginal impact on lasting changes in financial habits that can bring about Financial Wellness.

Psychology, financial planning and coaching experts agree on one thing about the questions and issues above.

It has to do with the lack of understanding in the way we Think & Feel about money. Our thoughts and feelings about money affects the way we Make, Save, Spend, Grow and Give. These, in turn, affects our lives, our relationships and possibly even our career!

Where we are financially today, stems from how we have wired Subconsciously – through observations, experiences and learning possibly at home, through school, religious institutions, media and the like. We are then positively or negatively influenced by them.

So, the more Self-Aware we are, the more likely we can make positive changes to our relationship with money.

MoneyLiFE™ was designed to help us do just that – to have a better relationship with money. It is an amazing profiling tool to help you discover Who You Are and How You Think & Feel about money!

Start your Financial Wellness journey self-discovery today with a personalised MoneyLiFE™ Report. It is available through this website or via a Licensed MoneyLiFE™ Sponsor! 

About Us

How We Got Started

MoneyLiFE™ was created and designed by a multi-disciplinary, multi-national team of experts from the fields of psychology, financial planning, coaching and technology. 

Recognising the importance of self-awareness in the financial wellness journey, the team worked hard to develop a solution. The purpose was to help simplify the understanding of the human psyche concerning money (which is not an easy task!).

According to a recent article written in Harvard Business Review, research has suggested that people who are able to see themselves more clearly are:

  • More confident and creative
  • Make sounder decisions
  • Build stronger relationships.
  • Communicate more effectively

Self-Awareness is a critical key to success in personal financial wellness and in life! 

So, while the market is flooded with a plethora of self-assessment and personality profiling tools, the team noticed that very few connect psychology with money. The ones available are mainly financial risk profiling tools designed to determine the suitability of certain financial products.

The MoneyLiFE™ Team worked to fill the gap to help people understand, how they think and feel about money. It had to simple to use yet detailed in its outcome.

After two years of labour, the result is a comprehensive, multimedia and interactive MoneyLiFE™ Report. 

Here is our contribution to creating meaningful conversations, promoting better relationships and personal success in finance!

How it Works

is a proprietary web-based profiling system designed to answer a question often overlooked in a four-step Financial Wellness journey:

Who You Are
which is about Self-Awareness

In a typical roadmap, usually, only three steps are taken:

Where You Are
which is about knowing your Current Financial Situation

Where You Want To Be
which is about creating SMART Financial Goals

How You Are Going To Get There
which is about having a Clear Strategy,
Executing and Monitoring your plans

The MoneyLiFE™ Questionnaire has 40 questions with a Likert Scale of, ‘Strongly Disagree’, too, ‘Strongly Agree’.

As the MoneyLiFE™ Team noticed common patterns in people, they then grouped the patterns and Five Profiles were identified: 

Adventurers – are those who value lifestyle and status. They are likely to take a risk and seize opportunities. They revel in the excitement when their financial decisions pay off.

Nesters are those who value stability and security. They are likely to emphasize, preparing for uncertainties. They are careful and disciplined with their finances.

Managers are those who value being able to strike a balance. They are likely to desire, living a certain lifestyle now. They also want to plan for their financial future.

Influencers – are those who value people over things. They are likely to have an interest in their social environment. They seek ways to improve the well-being of others.

Hunters – are those who value using money the way they wish. They are likely to find pleasure in being carefree. They allow their feelings to rule their financial decisions.

No one Profile is superior to the other and neither is one person purely belonging only to a specific Profile. The MoneyLiFE™ Report shows the closest or the most dominant of the 5 MoneyLiFE™ Profiles. It also shows potential strengths & pitfalls of this profile and also suggestions on what can be done. 

However, to classify each person into just one profile category is to over-simplify the human psyche. MoneyLiFE™ further unpacks each profile into six dimensions. Each dimension, in turn, has different intensity based on the responses to the Questionnaire. The outcomes range from Low to Moderate to High with specific descriptions for each of them. 


Summary of the 5 MoneyLiFE™ Profiles


 Your Financial Wellness Starts Here


Those who value lifestyle and status


Those who value stability and security


Those who value being able to strike a balance


Those who value people over things


Those who value using money the way they wish


And more importantly why you do the things you do

The six dimensions

that further describe each MoneyLiFE™ Profile are


describes how you value money / wealth in terms of the power & control it represents


describes how you derive pleasure and freedom with monetary possession


describes how you use money / wealth to manage bonds and attachments


describes how you view at money as a means of securing for your financial future

Social Responsibility

describes how you see money as a means to help and improve the lives of others


describes how you view money as defining your standing with society

Your journey towards Financial Wellness should start with Self-Awareness.
We can help you with a personalised MoneyLiFE™ Report!

Our Council of Advisors

Dr Joseph Umidi serves as Executive Vice President for Student Life and former Interim Dean of the School of Divinity at Regent University (Virginia). Since the mid-1980s, he also has served as a professor of ministry and director of the Internship Program. For 15 years he served as overseer of New Life Ministries International, a church network, church planting, and missions organization based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He presently serves as president of Mission South America giving direction to a network of 120 churches in Colombia and other South American nations.

He is founder and president of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., a Christian coach training ministry in 29 countries and 14 languages advanced by several Regent alumni. He has authored numerous articles and books dealing with the church, organizational, and personal transformation and is working in the community and international transformation strategies with several ministry organizations in the developing nations. He is married to Marie, founder & president of TMCJ, Inc. an international gospel arts ministry. They are the delighted grandparents of three grandchildren.

Dr Ronald Wall is an award-winning and nationally recognized financial researcher, educator and counsellor. He has been involved in financial program development, education and counselling since 1974, when he began this aspect of his career by designing and developing adult financial education and counselling curricula under a contract with the National Institute of Education. After receiving a Ph.D. specializing in Family Economics from Kansas State University in Manhattan, he was hired at New Mexico State University, where he designed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses in financial education and counselling. In 1982, he joined the faculty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Family Economics Specialist with the Cooperative Extension Service, USDA. During his tenure there, he researched and wrote over 200 publications, several of which received national acclaim.

In 1993, he was recognized as “Financial Counselor of the Year” by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. In 1997, he initiated the Financial Counseling Certificate Program for the purpose of training financial counsellors and service providers for credit unions and other nonprofit organizations.

 Dr Danny Ng is a clinical psychologist in private practice and is the Clinical Director of Renovaré Pte Ltd; an organization that serves to provide holistic care and counselling to the community by promoting authentic growth in people and relationships. In his clinical work, he is also involved in the research in the impact and effects of technology on the individual, family system and society. He is a published researcher and sits on several advisory boards relating to counselling.

Apart from his clinical practice for more than 30 years, he is actively involved in promoting holistic counselling since 1993; where the practice of counselling must go beyond clinically competency. He is the founder of Family Connexion, a non-profit organisation whose focus lies in promoting a greater bonding and deepening of relationships between people, especially within the family. 

Dr Ng speaks at many seminars, conferences, and chairs the WCCA (Wholistic Christian Counselling in Asia – since 2004) conference, organised by Family Connexion. He is also a clinical supervisor to several agencies and institutions and acts as a resource person to the media and extends member care support to mission organisations.

 Mr Benny Ong is the founder of a financial advisory firm, Life Planning Associates, based in Singapore and is a member of Church of Our Saviour Singapore. He has more than 40 years’ experience in insurance, investment and estate planning and has lectured part-time on the subject of Personal Financial Planning at the Singapore Institute of Management for several years.

Besides speaking and teaching in churches and financial institutions, he has also contributed numerous articles to various journals including the SGX monthly investment journal, Business Times of Singapore and the Impact Christian Magazine.

 Mr Patrick Tan is co-founder of Havenport Asset Management and has almost 30 years of asset management experience. Patrick was Co-Chief Executive Officer of Legg Mason Singapore, until the establishment of Havenport Asset Management via a management buyout. 

Except for a brief period between 2000-2003, he was Chief  Executive / Chief Investment Officer through the various predecessor firms dating back to 1994, and through to the eventual management buyout and formation of Havenport Asset Management.

Between the years 2000 and 2003, Patrick was Managing Director of DBS Asset Management, the largest retail asset manager in Singapore at that time.

Patrick graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore in 1987. He is also a CFA charter holder.

Phil Clark With over 30 years of design and development experience, Phil was the studio manager at McCann Erickson’s, the world’s largest advertising agency.  After 20 years of service, he left and has adapted to meet the requirements of a changing marketplace.

Phil is co-founder of Createtec a dynamic and versatile team of business people, software developers and graphic designers creating innovative digital solutions. As part of Asia’s new Digital Economy revolution.  Phil provides project management and excels in design whilst bringing a unique spin on out of the box thinking. Working alongside extraordinarily talented developers their software, Platform d-risk, was awarded third place in the national awards for energy provision in 2017. 


If you are individual or group providing some form of counselling, coaching, education or planning service like:

  • Financial Counsellor / Coach
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Educator
  • Pre-marriage / Marriage Counsellor or Coach
  • Relationship Counsellor / Coach
  • Student Life Counsellor / Coach
  • Career Counsellor / Coach

And would like to incorporate the MoneyLiFE™ Profiling System in your area of practice or work, just contact us and we will give you details on the licensing / sponsoring program!

If you are an organisation and have own staff, volunteers, members, customers, community or beneficiary like:

  • Company Employee Benefits
  • Membership Benefits (e.g. recreation clubs)
  • Customers of Financial Services (e.g. banks)
  • Religious organisations (e.g. churches)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    (e.g. sponsorship graduate programs)
  • Para-counselling Groups (e.g. police para-counselling volunteers)

And would like and would like to extend MoneyLiFE™ Profiling System as a benefit to them (or to resell to them), just contact us and we will give you details on the purchasing / sponsoring program!